S&S Crime & Security Consultants

S&S Crime & Security Consultants

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S&S Crime & Security Consultants

The owner of the company has 35 years of Military Experience and 25 years in Law Enforcement. We provide services to keep you and loved ones safe.

Our company handles a wide array of security services, and our main goal is to make sure that our clients feel safer. We would be thrilled for the opportunity to work with you in the following capacity.

All Estimates are Free.

We create an individualized security plan in order to make your home safer.

Advise clients that there is a security service in the area that will check on their home while they are away. We perform perimeter checks as many times as the client would like per day.

We also provide surveillance services and security services at an event or party small or large.

All employees have valid background checks.

We are NOT a sales team trying to sell your on security services, we exam what is truly needed to make sure your home is secure.

Contact: Kiel Sigafoos, S&S Crime & Security Consultants
P.O. BOx 183, 1804 Heritage Drive, Jamison, PA 18929

Range of Services

  • Security Services
  • Surveillance Services